F.A.Q. The Stove

How do you choose your products and suppliers?

All our products come from exclusively local suppliers and distributors selected for their know-how and the constant quality of their products

Are all the products homemade?

The entire of our gastronomic offer comes from our kitchen, every day our chef and his brigade ensure a home style cooking. No preservatives, no additives and other flavor enhancers are added.

Can we receive dishes already hot?

All our products are delivered cold. All you have to do now is warm them slowly in a microwave, oven or frying pan. A hot delivery would involve too long delays between their realization and delivery, and therefore an alteration of the organoleptic qualities.

Generally, a microwave dish must be heated in a series of 30 seconds to 1 minute several times to avoid overcooking

Are the cutlery included?

Yes cutlery and towels are included. At the time of your order, you can simply check the box "without covers" so that we do not put in your order

Can I keep the products?

Our products should be consumed in the day of delivery, there are no element of conservation

Are there organic products?

Some of our products are mentioned as being organic (bread, yoghurt, vegetable stock ...)

We sincerely believe in seasonality and reasoned agriculture in our purchasing process.

Where can I find the list of ingredients present in a dish?

These are mentioned on our site when you buy. If you would like more information, we will respond to your inquiries at info@thestove.lu.

Do you have dishes adapted to certain diets (lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian ...)?

Most of our dishes being fully described, there is a response to the majority of expectations and specific requests. We are at your service if you can’t find a dish in accordance with your expectations and wishes.

How long does a recipe remain?

Our structure is quite small, so we can’t renew our offer on a daily basis. Our dishes are present on average 3 days in a week. They can come back during the month if success obliges us ...



At what time can I order?

You can order via our website for a day delivery until 10:05.

At what time will I be delivered?

Your order will be delivered mainly between 11h00 and 12h30 maximum.

What are the shipping costs?

Our prices are inclusive of all taxes and other delivery costs

What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order is 2.70 €

Am I obliged to have an account to order?

Yes, an account is still required to place an order. For the creation of your account just mention your professional email, your name, first name, name and address of your company. You can always negotiate with your office colleague to order for you ...

Forgot your password ?

Simply click on the forgotten password icon, fill in your business address and a new password will be generated in the second, sent by email.

How much time in advance can I place an order?

It is possible to order a maximum of 4 days in advance in the case of an individual / collective order according to the proposed menu. For business orders, there aren’t limit, you can already order for in a few months, your order will be saved automatically.

What about my bill?

Your invoice is simply downloadable / printable from your profile on our site

Connection problem ?

If your account does not work, first perform a CTRL F5 to reset your browser, if necessary delete the history. It is possible that a change of browser may induce a reset of your account (new password). If the problem persists do not hesitate to contact us by phone / email.

I did not receive any email confirmation of order, how to know if my order has been registered?

Normally you will receive an immediate confirmation of order by mail following your purchase on our site. If this is not the case, you can ask us for confirmation by phone and mail.

Why do some products appear as sold out?

Our production is done daily, we can’t guarantee each recipe in sufficient quantity for all customers. So it happens regularly that we are sold out on some products even early in the morning.




How do I pay for my order at The STOVE?

Your order can be paid by credit card, bank transfer, cash and restaurant vouchers.

For cash payments and restaurant vouchers, these must be enclosed in an envelope with your personal details (name, company and ID) and left at the reception of your company or in the cash box available within your company.

Can I pay with multiple payment methods?

It is possible to pay by cash and restaurant tickets for the same purchase, for card payments the amount to paid would be your entire order, same for bank transfers.

Can I register my bank details?

It is entirely possible for you to register your credit card in a totally secure way on our website

Can I pay with multiple bank cards?

It is possible to register multiple cards on the same account. To register a new card you will have to do it during a purchase / payment action.

Do you make change?

We do not return the currency but credit your account with the amount exceeding your purchase. This amount will automatically be deducted from your next purchase.



How does the sponsorship system work?

When creating your account, you can mention if a sponsor has prompted you to create your account. If this is the case and mentioning it, you will give him / her benefit of a fixed and unique remuneration from your first’s orders. You will also enjoy a welcome gift after a certain amount of purchase in the form of a single flat rate. During certain actions, a promotional code will be available allowing you to take advantage of specific prices during your purchase.

How to sponsor someone?

Through our site you can invite a potential referrer by mentioning in the relevant section his e-mail address. The latter must imperatively be a domain name identical to yours, which means same company.